This I know.

The power of music is sometimes most revealing during the simplest of moments. It is an experience not unfamiliar to many, and that I am myself enjoying in this particular moment: a damp, cloudy morning, a cup of hot coffee, a furry friend as company... and of course, the soundtrack accompanying this scene. It is what makes the moment special, enjoyable on such an internal level. For me, today, it is the lilting emotion of Brahms Piano Intermezzi. One single musician being able to produce such richness has great affect on me; I have always been a bit envious of the ability to play multiple lines of music simultaneously, whole harmonies and melodies and countermelodies, all independently by one's self. As a flutist, unless you are venturing into the land of extended techniques and multiphonics, vertical chords are a luxury that one can only create with the help of others, or in one's own head. Basking in this raw human emotion, on this perfectly dreary morning that is commanding me to shut myself up indoors and enjoy such visceral beauty... it reminds me of who I am, and that I am not alone in whatever struggle I feel most acutely. This moment would not be as enveloping if it was built around silence; music is inspiration, comfort, and reassurance. Music is necessary to my being, and, I believe, to every person's being on some level. It is whatever we need it to be, whenever it is needed.